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名称:HACH Eclox 便携式水质毒性分析仪 p/n.28868-00(2886800)

HACH Eclox 便携式水质毒性分析仪 p/n.28868-00(2886800)




Hach Eclox Rapid Response Water Test Kit


The Eclox Rapid Response Water Test Kit is designed for the detection of contaminated waters in a variety of environmental conditions. Easy-to-use with minimal training, portable and reliable results make the Eclox an ideal choice for determining if water contamination has occurred. The Kit contains tests recommended by the USEPA for emergency response protocols: chemiluminescence toxicity screening, arsenic, pesticide/nerve agents, chlorine, color, total dissolved solids, and pH. The Kit has a 2 year shelf life, can be stored at ambient temperature and replacement reagents are available.

  • Enhanced chemiluminesence technology, with an easy-to-use luminometer, tests for toxicity screening in the field to assess trace contamination levels in water.
  • Quickly test for Pesticide and Nerve Agents using test strips for the presence of certain agents
  • Fast, in-the-field chlorine tests can be done using a color disc method.
  • Color testing is performed by the comparison of the sample to a color disc comparator.
  • Both pH and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) testing is done with a Pocket Pal Testers which are handheld, waterproof, and battery operated



HACH Eclox 便携式水质毒性分析仪 p/n.28868-00(2886800)

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