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名称:美国哈希HACH,IntelliCAL™ LDO标准型电极,p/n.LDO10103(LDO101-03)

美国哈希HACH,IntelliCAL™ LDO标准型电极,p/n.LDO10103(LDO101-03)







IntelliCAL™ LDO101 Standard Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Probe, 3 meter cable


IntelliCAL™ LDO101 is a digital, luminescent dissolved oxygen (LDO) probe. The standard version is available with a 3 or 1 meter cable and is intended for laboratory use. The LDO101 is ideal for measuring dissolved oxygen in wastewater, drinking water and general water quality applications.

  • Hach IntelliCAL™ LDO is a revolutionary breakthrough in the measurement of dissolved oxygen, eliminating the numerous reliability and maintenance concerns inherent of older DO measurement technologies.
  • IntelliCAL™ digital probes provide ultimate traceability in measurement history
  • IntelliCAL™ digital probes alert the user when re-calibration is needed
  • IntelliCAL™ digital probes can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings





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美国哈希HACH,IntelliCAL™ LDO标准型电极,p/n.LDO10103(LDO101-03)





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