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名称:美国哈希HACH,sensION+,系列多参数配套电极,多参数电极 5059,p/n.LZW5059.97.0002

美国哈希HACH,sensION+,系列多参数配套电极,多参数电极 5059,p/n.LZW5059.97.0002


5059 多参数电极,MM150主机专用,可测 pH+EC(pH+电导率)






 sensION+ 5059 portable multi-parameter electrode: pH, conductivity and temperature


sensION+ 5059 is a combination multi-parameter electrode for determination of pH, conductivity and temperature. The 5059 has a plastic body, non-refillable gel reference electrolyte and built-in temperature sensor. The electrode has a fixed 1 meter cable and MP8 connector dedicated for use with Hach sensION+ MM150 portable meters. The 5059 has a ceramic pin reference junction and glass (pH); platinum (conductivity); and Pt1000 (temperature) sensors. It is ideal for pH, conductivity and temperature measurements in general aqueous applications.

    Determine multiple parameters in the field with one standard sized electrode
    Low maintenance design for a variety of applications
    Ultra portable but protected against harsh field conditions
    Heavy-duty electrode handle design optimized for field calibration and storage




美国哈希HACH,sensION+,系列多参数配套电极,多参数电极 5059,p/n.LZW5059.97.0002









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