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名称:美国哈希HACH,sensION+,系列台式测定仪配套电极,5021T pH电极,p/n.LZW5021T.97.002

美国哈希HACH,sensION+,系列台式测定仪配套电极,5021T pH电极,p/n.LZW5021T.97.002


5021T pH电极,应用环境:自来水。





sensION+ 5021T laboratory combination pH electrode for "difficult" (LIS) applications


sensION+ 5021T is a glass combination pH electrode with a refillable reference electrolyte and built-in temperature sensor. The 5021T has a fixed 1 meter cable with BNC connector (pH) and banana (temperature) connectors. It is intended for use with Hach sensION+ Laboratory pH meters. The 5021T has sleeve junction and an encapsulated reference system with silver ion barrier. It and is ideal for pH measurements in low ionic strength applications, samples with colloids, wines and paints or viscous samples such as emulsions and creams.

    3-in-1 probe design made for the most difficult sample types
    Encapsulated cartridge reference system ensures premium stability and long lifespan
    Precision temperature measurement with the patented ContATC system




美国哈希HACH,sensION+,系列台式测定仪配套电极,5021T pH电极,p/n.LZW5021T.97.002









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