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名称:美国哈希HACH,SOLITAXTM sc,浊度分析仪套机,p/n.2983900(29839-00)

美国哈希HACH,SOLITAXTM sc,浊度分析仪套机,p/n.2983900(29839-00)


SOLITAXTM sc 浊度/悬浮物分析仪,管道插入式安装,包括:sc200主机、Highline sc高量程探头( 0.001-4000NTU,0.001mg/L~500g/L),带自清洗刮片。





Highline sc SS Wiper with sc200 Controller


The analyzer measures turbidity or turbidity and suspended solids in drinking water, wastewater, and industrial process applications, providing color-independent and accurate results. It comes with a sc200 controller, stainless steel highline sc Solids and Turbidity Sensor (0.001 mg/L to 500 g/L, 0.001 to 4000 NTU) with wiper and insertion mounting kit. NOTE: Fixed point installation kit or handrail mount kit must be ordered separately for all analyzers for immersion in open tanks (includes PN 2983400, 2983500, 2983600). Power cords must also be ordered separately.

    Self-cleaning device prevents erroneous values
    Excellent correlation to laboratory analysis
    Sensor life extended by full serviceability
    Easy one-point calibration
    Any two SOLITAX sc sensors can be installed using one HACH sc200 Controller




美国哈希HACH,SOLITAXTM sc,浊度分析仪套机,p/n.2983900(29839-00)



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