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名称:HACH,HQ30d便携式套机,配PHC101-01,pH电极和CDC401-01,电导率电极,p/n. HQ30D53101201

HACH,HQ30d便携式套机,配PHC101-01,pH电极和CDC401-01,电导率电极,p/n. HQ30D53101201



1、HQ30d 测定仪主机:p/n.HQ30d53000000;







HQ30d Portable Meter Kit with PHC101 pH Electrode and CDC401 Conductivity Cell


Designed for water quality experts, the Hach HQ30d portable meter is an advanced meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements. HQd meters connect with smart probes that automatically recognize the testing parameter, calibration history, and method settings to minimize errors and setup time. The durable portable meter and optional rugged probes are designed to withstand years of rugged portable and field use. HQd meters feature a simple user interface that does not require manuals or training to operate. The pH electrode included is a low maintenance, gel-filled electrode suitable for general purpose pH measurement.

    Portable meter measures critical water quality parameters - without the need for multiple instruments
    Intuitive user interface for simple operation and accurate results
    Trust your measurements - IntelliCAL™ smart probes store all calibrations in the probe
    Designed for demanding conditions
    Convenient kit includes everything you need to start testing





1、HACH HQ30d 单路输入多参数数字化分析仪 p/n.HQ30d53000000
2、HACH IntelliCAL™ pH标准探头 p/n.PHC10101(PHC101-01) PHC10103(PHC101-03)
3、HACH 电导率 IntelliCAL 电极标准型 p/n.CDC401-01(CDC40101) CDC401-03(CDC40103)


HACH,HQ30d便携式套机,配PHC101-01,pH电极和CDC401-01,电导率电极,p/n. HQ30D53101201




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